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December 2017

Vaccinations for Herd Health

The health of your calves begins before conception. Calves born to mothers with nutritional deficiencies and low-body condition scores, or to those with disease concerns, are, at best, not going to show the growth and reproductive potential of those born… Continue Reading →

Mapping Your 2018 Forage Program

Did you notice the title: “forage” program, not field crops? That is deliberate, because this article concerns the use of field crops harvested as forage and fed to ruminants – mainly dairy cows but other livestock as well. You can… Continue Reading →

Parking By Design: Keep Agritourism Flowing With These Ideas

It’s a delicate balance to provide parking for farm visitors without disrupting farm operations. If you’re like most farmers, you may find yourself sending agri-tourists into empty fields, hoping the land won’t get too destroyed. Depending on the size of… Continue Reading →

The future of farming

As an ag professional, thinking of the future should come naturally. You’re in the business of harvesting and sowing. A great deal of planning is involved in these tasks to create a future that is not seen firsthand. So it’s… Continue Reading →

2017 in Review: Ten Top Moments from Farming First

2017 has been another action-packed year in the field of food security and farmer empowerment. Join Farming First as we look back on some of the most important moments throughout the year, featuring many of our supporters and partners. 1…. Continue Reading →

Selecting The Best Cattle Breed

I often get asked “What breed of cattle should I run on my farm?” My typical Extension answer is “It depends.” Selecting a breed or combination of breeds to use in your beef herd should be based on the following… Continue Reading →

Nutrition And Hoof Health Interlinked

Although many hoof problems that our dairy cows experience can be solved with timely hoof trimming and other dairy management factors that promote cow comfort, proper nutrition also has an impact on hoof health – particularly regarding laminitis. Laminitis is… Continue Reading →

Keystone Farm Show

Held at the York Fairgrounds, the Keystone Farm Show is the fastest growing farm show on the East Coast. Started in January 1998 to address the needs of agrimarketers in the Mid-Atlantic area, the show has nearly tripled in size…. Continue Reading →

What’s So Special About Second-Cut Alfalfa?

Second-cut alfalfa is a cherished treasure for many farmers, but is this love warranted? Is it because of their current experience in comparing second-cut alfalfa to first, third, and in some cases fourth or fifth cut? Or is it because… Continue Reading →

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information, news, fairs, conferences